We take the guesswork out of renovation and new-build costings with fast, accurate 3D estimates, and client-ready reports. We call this Visual Costing ™.

Find out more about our innovative BIM Integration.


 We work with everything from early stage concept plans to full working drawings, and deliver high quality presentation documents. 

We create a 3D model of the construction work and use this to develop a comprehensive cost breakdown including labour, materials, subcontractors, and equipment.

We then use views of the 3D model and Visual Costing ™, to communicate what is included to you and your client.


Want to improve your quoting, save time, and avoid disputes?
We can help by creating accurate and transparent estimates efficiently for both you and your clients.

Designers and Homeowners

Does the design fit the budget?

We’ll give you the answer before it gets costly with an independent estimate, suitable for use by the builder and for controlling your budget.


Our technology is ideally suited for renovations proven over thousands of jobs from small renovations, reclads, extensions, adding stories, through to extensive rebuilds.

New Builds

We specialise in all types of new builds including standard designs, architectural homes and townhouses, as well as modular and transportable homes.

Delivering Cost Certainty

Our Method

YourQS uses our unique 3D Visual Costing software that saves time, reduces your workload, and allows you to deliver every quotation in two weeks or less. Our projects and clients benefit from:

Improved accuracy and consistency because of our experienced and qualified estimators who clearly define the scope of work in 3D; intelligent software that collects data and correctly calculates every dimension and quantity; a robust and proven algorithm based on decades of experience and thousands of projects; and our prices that are consistently updated in line with the market rates and location. 

3D scope definition that is easily checked and reduces misunderstandings and disagreements of what is and isn’t included; and is a strong basis for management of changes.

Visual confirmation reports that are detailed and allow control of subcontractor quotes with material take-offs and labour estimates for every trade; and summarise costs by work area, building element, and each trade.

 You benefit from the combined knowledge accrued from over 2,000 projects and the experience of more than 200 builders.


New Houses

Project value estimated ($Million)

Our Reports

We have prepared some sample reports to highlight the quality and details of the information we supply based on your drawings.

Our reports come with your logo embedded so you can pass them on directly to your clients.

Our Process


Our process starts with you providing us drawings for the proposed work. Ideally this would include an existing floor plan (for renovations), proposed floor plan plus elevations and sections as required along with details of the key construction elements.

Fee Proposal

We complete a high-level appraisal of the drawings, write up our understanding of the scope of works, estimate the hours we will need to prepare the costing, and give you a fixed price fee proposal for this.


You review the scope of works, confirm that we have understood it correctly and give us the go ahead.

Book In

We book in the project and give you the expected date that we will have the first cut of our estimate back to you.


One of our quantity surveyors will create the 3D model of the work.


Another quantity surveyor in our team will review the 3D model and check that it has captured everything within the scope of works.

Pricing and Reports

We apply the current pricing to the schedule of quantities and generate the PDF reports. Our standard reports include a client presentation PDF, a detailed breakdown PDF, and an Excel version of the detailed breakdown.


We allow a small amount of time for minor revisions or adjustments after you have reviewed our reports.

Our People

Nick Clements

Founder, MNZIQS

Nick is the founder, visionary, and driving force behind YourQS. He has overseen the creation of the YourQS software system, the research and development of our Visual Costing methodology, and he leads the team in providing a high quality,
client-driven service.

David Mitchell

Director, FAIQS, MRICS

David is a Quantity Surveyor with 40 years of industry experience on major projects and bespoke housing. David is also an early adopter of 5D QS technologies, an advocate for Building Information Modelling (BIM), and is known for formulating strategic and innovative solutions to combat rising building costs.

Jesse Mitchell

Director, ADCE

With a background in construction planning and project controls on major projects over the past 12 years, Jesse uses digital tools to efficiently manage time and costs during delivery of construction projects and in the residential building market.

Our Clients

Some of the clients we’ve provided quantity surveying or consultancy services to :




We can use your merchant price lists for supply of materials or our database of market rates.  We use your labour rates and your mark-ups and provide market rate allowances for PC sums and client choice items.

We maintain consistently updated database of subcontract rates, equipment hire costs, and the like by averaging information collected from projects.


We provide you with a couple of standard reports. One is a priced quantity schedule for you to check through and satisfy yourself with the detail of what we have estimated.  It includes a breakdown of sub-trade costs, allowances, and labour build-up details.  The report is broken into separate scopes with a 3D picture and schedule of elements.

The other standard report is a client estimate.  This gives a total price for each scope along with a 3D picture of the scope with  colour coding and a schedule of allowances.


Our standard turnaround time is 10 working days, but this can vary depending on our workload. 

If you need it more quickly, please get in touch and we’ll do what we can to help you.

We’ll confirm and agree a turnaround time when you confirm the job.


The accuracy of a cost estimate relies on correctly determining three factors:

  1. The Scope of the work
  2. Dimensions and calculations
  3. Prices

We get the scope right by providing you with a report that gives a 3D visualisation and short description of each piece of the work. This allows you to check in 3D, the scope that we have determined from the 2D drawings. Then we incorporate any changes.

We use 3D technology to get the dimensions and calculations right by building a 3D model of the building work at the correct size and dimensions.

We get the prices right by using your merchant price lists for supply of materials, hourly rates for labour, and percentages for mark-up. If you don’t have these rates then we use our database of materials supply prices, subcontract rates, equipment hire costs, PC sum allowances, and overheads which are regularly collected from the market and recent projects.


We use a 3D system to model the work.  This model has elements that represent walls, doors, demolition, scaffolding et. Being visual, it is easy to see what is included and what isn’t.

We use these elements to estimate the building work including labour, materials, sub contractors, and equipment. Each element is sized and contains intelligence – it knows what it is and what it’s made of. This allows for very accurate costings.