Bringing Cost Certainty to Residential Building

Innovative 3D technology aiding designers to understand costs even before the design is finalised

At YourQS we deliver the first step toward cost certainty by using our in-house software to produce visual costings and detailed cost breakdowns as early and as quickly as possible.

Instead of scaling from PDF drawings we have developed a way of directly making use of your millimetre accurate 3D BIM model to speed up our process and make it even more reliable.

Our innovative Plug-ins use Software Development Kits provided by ArchiCAD or Revit to extract the baseline geometry that we require directly from the 3D design model.  It creates an XML format file that we can import into our estimating software and then add extra information to complete a detailed costing.

Your intellectual property is safe because it’s not exported. The file only contains the geometry that we need for costing and your design cannot be recreated from it.  Its like the way you currently share your design with the engineer to speed up the creation of slab profiles, etc.

Our software developers have decades of experience working with CAD and 3D software and are members of the Autodesk and Graphisoft developer networks so you can work with us with confidence.