The team at YOURQS are proud to announce the official launch of YOURQS Australia – bringing big project thinking, accurate 3D estimates, Visual CostingTM, and controls to the residential construction market down under.


In collaboration with founder and software creator Nick Clements, directors’ Jesse Mitchell and David Mitchell bring over 40 years’ experience in commercial construction and Quantity Surveying, to the table.


With construction activity settling after the highs of 2021 and 2022 and widespread market variability, the team aim to efficiently support builders in projects from single room renovations, and new home builds, all the way to multi-dwelling builds. A unique market offering, YOURQS’s estimates clearly and comprehensively define project scope, provide the highest level of detail available, and present information in easy to digest 3D project views, assisting clients to avoid delays and adequately structure costings to support transparent, seamless budgeting and communication from quote to construction.


Offering hard-to-beat efficiency (every estimate is provided in 10 days or less), and exclusive software that was developed in-house, David and Jesse are passionate about bringing YOURQS to the forefront of the Australian market to positively support builders, designers, and contractors, as they work to win clients and manage build costs in today’s market that is quickly transforming to a highly competitive atmosphere.


For David, a Quantity Surveyor of 40 years who’s known for formulating strategic and innovative solutions to combat rising building costs, the expansion into accurate, accessible, and efficient estimates in residential construction was a natural step after discovering YOURQS and their exclusive, industry-proven process and technology.


With a background in construction planning and project controls over the past 12 years, Jesse is adept at using digital tools to manage time and costs during the delivery of construction projects, so he too saw the value in managing scope in avoiding disputes, especially in the highly competitive Australian market.